Gastvortrag im Rahmen des Institutskolloquiums: A Co-authorship Network of Political Science

Am 16. Dezember wird Thomas Metz von der Universität Freiburg im Rahmen des Institutskolloquiums um 12 Uhr zum Thema

„A Co-authorship Network of Political Science”

referieren. Der Vortrag wird im Dekanatssaal (GFG 04-111) gehalten. Die Veranstaltung ist öffentlich - alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen.
We construct a co-authorship network of the global political science community. Two scientists are connected, if they have co-authored a paper. We draw on over 67.000 papers published 1990–2013 in one of today's 96 core journals. The network comprises over 43.000 authors located worldwide. We find that the community forms a single, interconnected component plus a large number of unconnected authors. While some are highly productive in terms of publications, the majority published just a single paper, suggesting a high turnover in the community. Using information on the papers (e.g. title, journal, abstract), we trace out how different sub-communities organize and interconnect, how journals reach into the community and how individual scientists cooperate. We also investigate how the network has evolved during the last two decades. Our analysis is supplemented with a bibliographic analysis that traces out major changes in publication patterns.

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