Was unsere Studierenden sagen

"The Europa Master is a unique opportunity to learn and, above all, to experience Europe. Over the course of 2 years, you'll have the chance to experience a unique form of mobility, to constantly speak different languages and to discover a different culture and university system every semester. The Master's gives you all the tools you need to enter the European job market and adapt to all the demands. But above all, the Master's offers you a network and a family!"






"For me, Europamaster was a unique opportunity to get to know other cultures and languages. It allowed me to gain deeper insights into political and social issues and to see the European Union through the eyes of students from different European countries. My views on the European idea and our common history have developed further by attending the program."





"Europa Master programme was one of the most valuable experiences of my life, allowing me to gain substantive knowledge in areas of my interest,  and contributing to my professional path. Another important element that I want to put forward is that, thanks to Europa Master I created  (life-long) friendships with amazing people coming from different parts of the world, which is an incredible and unique value of the programme."





"The Europa Master programme is a unique academic experience, focused on excellence and cultural exchanges. It allowed me to pursue a successful career in Brussels, right at the heart of Europe".





"To me, the Europa Master represented a unique opportunity to open myself to the world: I could discover many facets of the European Union and understand it from different perspectives. This would not have been possible if I had studied in my home country only. Looking back, I believe that the experience of studying Europe Studies in three different countries has brought me so much."






"Europa Master is so much more than just a Master's programme in European Studies: studying and living together in a joint cohort of students from France, Germany, Poland and beyond made me constantly look at Europe, European cultures and at my own culture from different perspectives. The Europa Master programme did not only prepare me for a European career, but it also made me grow as a European citizen."





"The European Master's program offers students the opportunity to experience different teaching methods at European universities and to meet many new people. The alliance of the University of Opole, the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Burgundy creates a cross-border teaching program with many interdisciplinary interfaces and linguistic diversity. The program is unique, intensive and instructive at the level of International Relations and European Law. Due to the fact that the university location changes every semester, the 2-year master's program becomes a balancing act. It is therefore an enrichment for every student that funding programs support us financially."





"Studying Europe Master's program was probably one of the best decisions in my professional life! I have always been interested in European affairs and Foreign policy, and in this sense, Europa Master was a perfect match for me. During my studies, I became interested in EU enlargement policy, which inspired me to write a Master's thesis on Ukraine's prospects for EU accession. Looking back on my experience as an alumni, I also have to say that one of the best things about the program was the opportunity to live and study in three different European countries and, of course, share this experience with a group of like-minded people."